You Can Free and Empower Girls Like Beatrice.

The stakes for girls like Beatrice (photo) could not be higher. At age eight, Beatrice's mom sent her to live with another family with the hope that she'd be well cared for and sent to school. Instead Beatrice endured humiliation, neglect, exploitation, and abuse until her mom got help from Beyond Borders to bring her home. Right now, one in six girls in Haiti is enslaved, one in four is sexually abused, and just one in three completes primary school and starts high school. You can change this. Your support for Girl Power Haiti! ensures that girls like Beatrice grow up free, safe, and empowered to change their community, their nation and our world.

Imagine What Empowering Girls Can Do.

Girls who are free, safe and educated become a powerful force for change:  

  • reducing sexual violence and discrimination against girls frees them to stay in school longer, delay pregnancy, and have healthier children;
  • an extra year of primary school boosts girls' eventual wages by 20%, and an extra year of secondary school adds 25%, making economies more fair and prosperous for all;
  • women reinvest 90% of their income in their families, paying school tuition, buying food, books and medicine;
  • educated women have less risk of dying in childbirth and their children have a better chance of surviving past age five.

You Can Make a Difference for Girls in Haiti.

When you give to Beyond Borders’ Girl Power Haiti! campaign you'll support work to:

  • end child slavery, which disproportionately traps girls;
  • improve girls' access to educational opportunities and make schools safer;
  • expand efforts proven to prevent violence against girls and women;
  • mobilize communities to balance power between women, men, girls and boys.

Mobilizing Communities to Free, Protect, & Empower Girls.

Your support for Girl Power Haiti! trains and mobilizes women and men like these (photo) in communities throughout Haiti to prevent girls and boys from becoming enslaved, to free those already enslaved, to balance power between women and men and girls and boys, and to examine and change beliefs that lead to violence against girls and women.

Beatrice's mom was able to free her, bring her home and enroll her in a quality school supported by Beyond Borders because of community leaders like these - and because of the generosity of people like you!

Where We Work.

Here are some of the more than 100 communities where Girl Power Haiti! is working. With your generous support we can expand this work to reach even more communities. 

Girl Power Heroes!    

Meet some of the people working hard to make sure we reach our goal.

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